Wednesday, 21 January 2015

An insight into the stereotype of uni life

University life is often believed to be a booze obsessed and money stricken experience but there is so much to it than that... sometimes. 

Now it varies greatly on what you study. If you are like myself who is currently doing an English degree (at Coventry University) it is usually scrutinised for being a 'hobby' or 'dos' degree. This is most likely due to the vast amounts of spare time given to students. However, this isn't for the use of sleeping or discussing the ways in which a budget of £2.50 can be used to supply sufficient amount of alcohol for a night out; we leave that for the math students.
This time is allocated for the in-depth reading of many texts but those who study math or some other 'useful' degree seem to regard this as a enjoying past time. 
In response to this I say that reading texts such as 'Absalom, Absalom!' is not always an enjoyable experience. But I would rather be doing this than doing 4 pages of calculations to find that the value of x was some number I could not care less about. 

Debates between the southerners and northerners are common within the university household. 

If you are from the south of England like myself and speak correctly (awaiting some comment about that), you will find many others will like to argue the pronunciation of 'grass', 'brass' or 'bath'. Granted that bath is not spelt 'barth' but that is the way it's said, get over it.

Another common debate/ argument is whether the meal you have at around 1pm is 'lunch' or 'dinner' and whether your evening meal is 'tea' or 'dinner'. Apparently 'lunch' doesn't exist up north... Thankfully though we can agree on breakfast being in the morning. 

The nights out, drinking, societies/ sports will be posted in another blog as that is an entire subject in itself and will need sufficient concentration to understand how a pack of 4, yes only 4, 'K' ciders will leave the rest of the night to someone else's doing.

So to just finish off, if you are from the south and find yourself living with northerners, just play along with it, they will learn eventually. And if you are from the north and reading this then us southerners aren't too bothered about how you say things, we can't understand you half the time anyway.
 Me (middle) trying to escape a couple of northerners in a club. They sniffed me out from the crowd and didn't leave me for the rest of the night.

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