Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Not another Je Suis...

This morning I woke up feeling relatively worried about the day. I had a script to redraft, a recording of the script to do with no actors to do the acting, dissertation work to do, a 9am lecture, and a literature workshop which was going to be relatively difficult to get through without being wrong at some point.

But at around 8:30am, every a worry I had, every concern or stress I felt lingering in my stomach evaporated into nothing as a wave of dread, fear and sadness put my my worries into context.

At 8:30am I saw the news that Brussels had been attacked by terrorists. NOT by refugees but spineless, cowardly, delusional terrorists. It left me feeling deflated that it had happened again and that so many people's lives had been ripped apart, simply because they were living their everyday routine.

Yet again, the first words on many people's lips are of hatred and revenge, fury and death.

People seem to forget that at the heart of this people have died. That human beings wanting to get on a plane or a train have been murdered and that now, even as you read this, families are still unaware if their loved ones are coming home or not. Mums, dads, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, and wives will be at home, frantically trying to get hold of someone that they believe might have been affected by or near the attacks. Yet they can't get through so they excruciatingly wait to get a phone call from them. A wait that could last an eternity.

Today give sympathy, revenge and hatred can wait for tomorrow.

Katie Hopkins tweeted earlier today that it was the country's allowance of refugees that had caused the attacks.

Regardless of what you think of the columnist and personality, this was a bitter, ignorant and insensitive remark. Branding all refugees under this huge deadly brush will not help solve the problem. It will simply push readers to forget that refugees are forced out of their home nation because of conflict. Terrorist are not the same as refugees. Terrorists are bastards who go out their way to instil fear and death amongst the world. Refugees are victims of death and fear.

Closing the borders to refugees and migrants won't stop terrorists blowing up airports. To be honest, I don't know what can be done to stop their ignorant hate. All I know is that throwing at hate at them will be putting fuel onto the fire.

My feelings right now are not of hate but simply of sadness.

If you wish to blame the events on something, blame it on the INDIVIDUALS.

I've said it a million bloody times that extremism is not acted out by muslims or refugees but of INDIVIDUALS who wish to spill blood.

Whether it's in the name of Allah, God, the Pope or the fucking Tooth Fairy, don't be so naive to blame a single entity. Killing is not a natural, humane action that the human being wishes to do in order to make a point. If it was none of us would be alive now.

If you are to do anything right now, don't go out of your way to tarnish everyone under the same brush.

Recognise that though they might claim to act out of religion, they are motivated by a delusional, brain-washing ideology, thrown upon vulnerable uneducated individuals.

Feel sympathy now, save hatred for tomorrow.

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