Sunday, 26 June 2016

Brexit; time to stop moaning and accept it.

It's a bitter pill to swallow.

In fact, it's like swallowing a watermelon with nothing but acid to help wash it down.

But it's happened and the UK has spoken; we have voted to leave the EU.

So what now?

I, like many others, expressed bitter disappointment at the vote to leave the European Union.

Being in Poland since the 22nd I had my father vote on my behalf, commonly known as a Proxy vote. He was out, I was in and I hope for his sake he voted correctly on my behalf.

The coverage in Poland was extraordinary, not surprising with an estimated 1,000,000 Poles living in the UK.

There were some anxious faces when the news came through the radio, not that I knew what was being said apart from a very odd sounding 'brexit'.

But all in all it seemed that the Polish people accepted it and took the piss out of it. Namely my girlfriend's father said to me, 'bye bye European Union and bye bye Weronika' with a huge grin on his face. I smiled back and secretly thought 'F*CK!'.

With 120 billion pounds being wiped off the FTSE, the pound at a 30 year low, the PM resigning, the Labour party in disarray and a huge amount of uncertainty ahead, I, like many others let out a little bit of gas from my rear end and checked to whether I had soiled myself.

But a couple of days on I have calmed down and read plenty on the matter.

There's a petition out there to have a second referendum.

There are calls for the House of Commons to stop Brexit.

There's a million articles saying how some individuals voted Leave without considering we might actually LEAVE!

But to be honest, and I say this through gritted teeth, we HAVE to accept that democracy has done what it was created to do and we HAVE to allow it to work.

The majority, regardless of how small it was, voted to leave and we have to accept they did.

Yes 75% of under 25s voted remain but we aren't a nation of under 25s.

Yes Nigel Farage stated the advert of using the money sent to the EU in the NHS instead was false, but if you voted LEAVE for that then you're an idiot for believing it.

If something happens so that we don't leave the EU then I will feel more upset that our democracy has failed.

We aren't a nation of idiots like we seem to think we are.

We can do without the EU if we stop moaning at the result and get on with it.

I voted remain and for 24 hours screamed and shouted about how awful it was.

But it's happened and it's about time we stopped begging for a re-vote and rolled up our sleeves and worked as hard as possible for it to work.

None of this is ideal but it certainly isn't the end of the world.

It's time to respect democracy and accept one side of the vote isn't
the only side of the vote.

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