Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The search for a graduate job begins!

It is finally upon me. The exciting and terrifying process which has been on the horizon ever since my first week of freshers year. A week that now feels as close to me as the day I was born.

The searching for graduate jobs and the tediously worked on applications that goes with it.

It sickens me to think that in a years time I will have said goodbye to university and that it will be drifting away from my present time like christmas day to a child on boxing day.

Yet, it also fills me with an enormous thrill. That I could actually come out of uni with a degree in a subject I love and have a job I actually want. 

But you're probably asking; what is the job that I want?


It is no secret to those who know me that my aim, my plan, my life goal is to become a writer.

Writer in what field?

Well... (again)

I am not entirely sure. At the moment it is between a playwright, screenwriter or a novelist. Maybe all three if I hit a bit momentum. But at the moment, as I am learning to write all three of them, I will wait until I know the ins and outs of all these styles and then pick whichever I am best at. That's on the premise that I am 'best' at one of these. I could eventually be awful at all three and end up reading a lot, ripping up the books at the end exclaiming why can't I be as successful as Stephen King, Dan Brown, Ian McEwan etc..?

But for the time being I am looking into a more certified path of work.

Namely in editing or publishing... or both.

My ideology behind this is if I want to be a writer long term, would could be better for me than learning how to be publishable in the first place? Also, to be able to work with language in this sort of way would be near enough a dream job for me anyways.

Yet as I sit down writing this and feel increasingly impatient that I haven't heard a reply from my first application sent just three hours ago, I begin to realise that though there are hundreds of graduate jobs out there, not many are truly for me.

The world of business and finance is a huge one and seemingly seems to be what engulfs the job market. Not surprising when you really think about it but the sheer scale of dominance it has is truly demoralising.

For example, I spent two hours searching through websites with an eagle eye trying to sieve out the publishing jobs from the marketing, sales, admin, HR and other dry jobs to which I have no interest in whatsoever. And how many did I find?


I found one job that was perfect for me.

An assistant editor at a publishing house in London- I won't name the publishers as you might apply for it and that wouldn't be useful to me.

So with more enthusiasm and excitement than a fat kid in mcdonalds, I tailored my CV, wrote a cover letter and sent off my application. Note: the deadline was Friday so I didn't want to hang about.

Clicking send filled me with such an overwhelming sense of excitement and fear that I had to make myself a brew and take a breather.

I just couldn't believe that someone was going to hopefully read my CV and make a yes or no decision into whether to put me through to the next process. A single person who could either make my day, week, month and year with one click or just place me back in the pit of graduate job websites with not so much as a smile to get me out of.

It's the untold horror of third year in all honesty.

Exams? Coursework? Dissertation? Naa, all of these are under my control. Finding a job? That's going to be up to someone else's judgement.

So if any of you know a grad job for next summer in publishing or editing, give me a hand, shout, break or anything else that you can muster up. That way I will be able to focus on my studies and get a good degree in the first place. A degree I have paid a fair amount for. A degree I would quite like to be able to pay off and use at some point.

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