Tuesday, 28 June 2016

To the xenophobes & racists...

What a shame. 

What a worrying, embarrassing and disgraceful time to call oneself English or British. 


Not because of Brexit which I know is what you were hoping for me to say. 

No, that's rather small in comparison. 

I am embarrassed because of the few who are once more claiming patriotism to be at the heart of their contempt towards those who are not English, or at least not looking as if they have the bloodline directly linked to King Arthur himself. 

Over the last few days there have been videos, pictures, articles, posts etc. of individuals being abused for not being English or white or both. 

Now, for those of you who know me well enough, you will know I have a Polish girlfriend. In fact I am writing this from Poland where I am staying with my girlfriend's family for a few weeks. 

Weronika and her family are generous, friendly, lovely and completely good people. 

But if they were in the UK they could be targeted for being Polish and that, for me personally, strikes a nerve I never knew I had. 

Since being introduced to Polish culture I have learnt a lot. 

The stereotypes of all Polish people being builders or plumbers; gone. The stereotype they are odd or arrogant; gone. The stereotype they drink a lot of vodka; not gone but fun to be part of!

I am writing this with a shake in my hands and a fire in my belly that people from my country are attacking those from this wonderful, beautiful and incredible country. 

They are claiming to want their country back and wanting it to be British and nothing else. 

If it wasn't for Britain being so brilliantly mixed I would not have met Weronika. I would not have experienced Polish Christmas, Polish summers, Polish proms, Polish people, and Polish culture in all of its brilliant colour.

I feel slightly futile being in Poland, away from those few who are making the headlines. I feel as if I am not at the place I need to be to shut down the racists and xenophobes. 

I am ashamed to say that my nation has a trend of wanting to extract certain nationalities as if they were a disease. 

I am embarrassed to hear that my country is isolating people because of their appearance or culture. 

I am sickened that immigrants within Britain feel fearful for their well-being because of a few ignorant trolls. 

Usually I avoid swearing in my writing because I think it lacks class and the ability to think of a better word. 

But now, as I sit here in Poland with my Polish girlfriend with her Polish family, there is only one thing that I can think to say.

Dear xenophobes, racists or anyone who wishes individuals with a different nationality to leave the UK:

I fucking dare you to go and tell your employer you hate immigrants. I fucking dare you to shout out your prejudices to the world without anything but your ignorance for support. I fucking dare you to go back to hole from where you came from because YOU are the minority, not the immigrants. You are the problem. 

Educate yourself, then come back to me you cruel, vile, ignorant, wastes of air that are dragging the British name through the mud. 

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