Tuesday, 26 July 2016

ISIS aren't the cause of these attacks, they're the label.

It is interesting whenever there's some sort of terror attack to see how the media is to portray it.

It is then more interesting to see how the public interpret and react to it.

Of course it's never nice to read about the death of a person(s) and of course the world would be a much better place without such events. 

But it always reveals a lot about someone.

The majority of the time you'll have the sympathies and heartfelt messages from the international community spilling out onto social media and the regular media - as it should by the way.

But sometimes, as with everything, you have the ignorant few who degrade a religion, ideology, government... etc etc. 

I'm not here to talk about those few because frankly I'd rather talk about how fast grass grew. I have plenty of times before attempted to educate those who have racist or ignorant opinions and I feel as if it's a waste of time to do so. If they have those opinions then I will just have to respect that... or ignore it, one of the two. 

No, today I'm trying to collect my thoughts after yet ANOTHER killing in France. 

A couple of days ago we had a huge amount of people killed in Afghanistan which, unsurprisingly, didn't get nearly as much coverage as it deserved.

And today we had a priest murdered by two 'soldiers' and reportedly beheaded.

Sadly this event isn't very surprising and it hasn't made people gasp but more sigh. 

We now live in a time whereby these attacks are expected and not thought of as part of a nightmare. 

So, what's so interesting about this particular killing to me?

According to reports the two murderers pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS or ISIS). 
Shortly after ISIS came out and said they were two 'soldiers' sent from them to kill. 

Now this is where it got my attention. 

Neither of the men had been formally trained by ISIS. In fact, some reports claim one of the men wanted to go to Syria for training but was unable to.

My point is that ISIS isn't what people think it is. 

Westerners have this idea that ISIS is a group organised under one rule, by a higher line of people, with millions of dollars behind it and state of the art weapons. 

And ISIS love that! 

Nothing will give those extremist bastards more pleasure than having us shaking in our lovely warm homes, watching our big-screen TVs, fearful of an attack from people who are delusional and most likely living in a cave.

But the truth is anyone can kill in the name of Islam, pledge allegiance to ISIS and they will more than happily take credit for it.

See, ISIS aren't the problem, they are merely the tip of the iceberg (exclude the cliche).

ISIS was formed during the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Arab Spring gave it air, an extremist view of Islam gave it fuel, and an invasion widely considered as criminal from the West gave it the spark it needed. 

They formed in the hills and caves of the middle-east with nothing but a few guns, an unimpressive amount of money and an obsession on revenge. 

What irritates me is how we try to label every attack as being directly coordinated by ISIS when it isn't; it is far far worse than that.

We are being destroyed one by one by an ideology. 

Yes ISIS are horrible bastards who wish to take credit for every killing but don't think they're so powerful.

If ISIS didn't exist the killings still would. 

What we're seeing in Europe is an identity crisis. We have men and woman of a certain faith being downgraded. They are then subject to abuse and racism. Afterwards they are vulnerable and go towards an extremist point of view because they are lured in like rats to poison. On the other side you have 'nationalists' who detest everything immigrants represent and would rather see them sent to a country ravaged by war than in the same cafe.

There's frustration and hatred out there at the moment, and I get that completely. Each time I read of another attack I want nothing but the people responsible slaughtered. I want the people in charge bombed to oblivion. 

But the reality is that this isn't possible. 

We have people saying we have to invade or air strike them out but that just won't work. 

We're not talking about a group of people who are conveniently under one roof, ready to be destroyed. 

We're talking about an ideology, an ignorance, a state of mind.

Bombing them will just piss them off more and kill civilians. Civilians that will then, and arguably rightfully, see the West as murderers and want revenge. *Did you know the US allegedly killed 73 Syrian civilians last week in air strikes? Funny how it didn't make the news, eh?*

To be completely honest I don't know what can be done to stop this apart from preventing the individuals from committing the killings in the first place - easier said than done, I know.

All I know is that fighting fire with fire will leave us all burned and all we'll have left is a crumbled, burnt mess to clean up.

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