Friday, 30 January 2015

Proving distance is just a number

Long distance...

Two words which when you hear them you usually summarise in your head a romantic beginning, sad goodbye, amazing reunitation, another sad goodbye and eventually a troubling break-up.

I must admit that I also thought that long distance relationships were something that cannot work and that only the naive or desperate attempted them. However, having been in one for 10 months I can categorically say that they are possible if you find yourself being with the correct person.

Relationships are not something I am going to lecture on about as anyone who does is frankly an arrogant and ignorant twat. They vary for everyone and mine just so happened to involve monthly breaks from my girlfriend, some might think of that as a blessing. Our relationship sort of sprung out of a meeting in a club, very cliche I know, hanging out and using skype for when she returned to keep building upon our friendship. She then came back to England, from Poland that is, and we decided to give it a shot. I can safely say that there are no regrets to that decision and never have there been any doubts.

The longest we have had to endure without each others company is 4 months. This might sound like a huge amount of time but you kind of just accept that there is no other choice and that counting down to when you next see each other is far more enjoyable than counting the days since you last saw each other.

This is not to say it's been all perfect and happy. Of course there have been the odd tear, not from me... We argue occasionally like any other couple but this is usually a result of frustration at the situation we find ourselves in or more commonly, me being an arsehole in some way, no sarcasm in this by the way if you're reading this Weronika.

The only picture I could find when I wasn't pulling a face.
It just takes patience, determination and a real affection felt towards each other. Me and Weronika both have that and it has lead to her spending her summer in England and me spending Christmas in Poland, bloody cold by the way.

The meetings in the airports are incredible and the goodbyes are horrific but if you dwell too much on the goodbyes then you are only going to let bad feelings dominate your relationship.

Luckily Weronika is over tomorrow for 12 days and it gives us the time together that we so deserve. After that... we dont know when the next time will be but knowing there will be is enough for me to keep going.

So if you know someone doing long distance then don't criticise them for it but admire their will power to keep on going. I've found that spending time apart really makes you appreciate what a relationship is about and just multiplies all the feelings you have together. Also, and more importantly, distance can seem like some big ugly word that has to be tackled and cried over but really, if you break it down, it just a number that can always be changed from 1,500km (in my case) to 0 if you really want it.

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