Tuesday, 10 February 2015


There is no other time in the year where jealousy is more rife and the generosity of others is published more relentlessly than Valentines Day.

It is the same every year...

A week prior to February 14th there are the few who are already tweeting or posting something like 'brace for the pandora posts in a week' or 'can't wait for the valentine posts...' These are usually the same people every year and luckily this is a small group.

I can't quite understand why people moan about valentines day. Yes, it is nice to have someone and maybe as a guy I am being slightly insensitive to the woman who crave a bit of love after the usual blues of January but come on! There is more to life than moaning about a single day.

I agree that the endless posts about some unnecessarily expensive watch or other piece of jewellery are irritating but I wouldn't say it is 'jealousy' that someone has more money than me that annoys me. For me it is how the individual wants to show 'how spoilt' they are and how they want to make others jealous of them. I honestly couldn't care less if your boyfriend can splash out on something like that but don't shove it in my face.

Unfortunately Weronika is leaving Thursday so we are doing our Valentines day today and making it a whole lot more simple. A simple card and a meal out is enough for us, maybe the meaningful present put in but it won't cost a silly amount of money. Keeping things simple always makes life easier and by keeping it simple does not mean less effort! I am for one not a huge fan of Valentines day as I just look at it as a day that shouldn't really be needed. A day of 'love' for me is usually an anniversary or treating them on their birthday. If we need a day to tell us to treat them a bit more special than we must be doing something wrong in the rest of the year.

However... like most guys in a relationship if she wants to celebrate it then you will just have to accept it and get on with it. Just don't worry so much about the materialistic side of the day. Keep all that to a minimum as then it means an extra beer can be afforded at the dinner and it prevents the inevitable headache of deciding what special present needs to be bought. The same headache that is only just leaving after Christmas.

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