Monday, 22 February 2016

Don't be anti-immigration and not pay attention to the EU referendum!

It's funny really that those who know very little about certain fields tend to be the loudest. That regardless of their education, social understanding or even age, they can convey an opinion that is usually exaggerated or outright wrong. But there seems to be a lot less of it at the moment with regards to the rather important topic of the EU, from the everyday citizen that is. The media, however, are going all out on highlighting the MPs who have a 'big say' and the pros or cons of leaving the European Union.

When the two Paris attacks took place social media exploded with views and opinions which were usually hurtful, wrong or out of place. When the Lee Rigby attack happened there were outcries of the danger of Islam. When Adam Johnson pleaded guilty of one count of sexual activity with a 15 year old and one count of grooming the UK went crazy over the professional footballer's disgusting crimes.

But with something as important and defining as the upcoming EU Referendum, people seem to be pretty quiet.


Because it seems that people are only bothered in having a go at others rather than discussing something as vital as whether we stay or leave in the EU, or is that too dreary to discuss? I hate how those who claim we are bombarded with immigrants will not take the time to do a little reading and find out how we could sort these issues out, even though we are not bombarded with immigrants and refugees. I hate the only reason people would vote for leaving would be because of border control. I hate how some claim that we'd be 'fine by ourselves' when they don't know what that even entails. Bust most of all I hate blatant ignorance over the whole matter.

I've chatted many times with friends at uni about whether leaving the EU or not would be beneficial. Not in some sort of open fire, pipe smoking, 'Hmm yar, yar' sort of way but just in general chit chat. None of us know the proper ins and outs of the consequences of what it would mean to leave or stay but it's nice to think that we are at least respecting it as a major step in the UK's history.

Granted the EU is a topic that is filled with endless questions and answers but surely it should be something people should be taking more seriously?

I'm not pro Brexit and I'm not pro staying in either.

To be honest, I'm not sure what I am but that's merely because I'm still weighing up both sides. If you aren't aware of the sides then it might help to do a google search and do a bit of reading.

If you genuinely don't care then that's fine too.

I have absolutely no issues on whether someone doesn't give a toss into whether we go or not. But if you are someone who moans about issues that could be solved by either staying in or leaving the EU then don't bother moaning if you aren't going to educate yourself.

Do that first and then maybe you can put a little more substance to your naive, irritating and pathetic argument.

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