Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Uni's been great but I can't wait for it be over!


A blog post that two years ago, as I returned to university for my second semester of first year, I would have never thought I'd be writing.


Because two years ago I was returning to alcohol and rugby, pubs and clubs, late nights and not so necessary mornings. It was a time of easy living and relatively stress-free work. I knew that first year didn't count towards anything and I was part of that, regrettably I should add, common group amongst first years who lived upon the philosophy of '40%'- this being the percentage to which was and is needed to pass.

It was the best year of my life and I thought that nothing, ever, could top it. I made friends who I still live with now. I played university rugby, which was something I had always wanted to do. I was studying a course I loved. I met my current girlfriend. And most of all, I got ridiculously drunk most of the time without much of a care for funds, my student loan or in some cases, my own physical well being (sorry mum).

But now, as I begin preparing for my return to Coventry on Friday, I sit thinking that I am now a little tired of eating food which is cheaper than water itself and drinking beer which tastes like an alcoholic's urine.

I'm tired of walking through Coventry city centre and looking at shops and thinking of a time I could actually buy something for myself. I'm tired of walking past certain restaurants and thinking, 'that'd be nice but I've got a £1 pizza at home which takes priority'. I'm tired of sitting in libraries and being part of groups of students all of whom are looking at a piece of coursework thinking, 'right, what do we do now?'

I appreciate that working life is dire, and to be fair it does look awful. But I have gotten to a peculiar stage whereby I almost look upon those on a career path and wish I was them, even if they wake up at times I used to get in after a messy Tuesday night.

It's not really the money that is the main motivation of this envy but the thought that they are on a path of progression.

As a third year student about to tackle the worst 3 months of my whole university career, I feel that I have drawn out almost everything that university has to give. This doesn't mean that I just know how to study language in depths most won't believe to be real, let alone necessary, or read something you might have also read and say 'ahh, but did you know it means something completely different?', only for you to look at me and stick a friendly middle finger up and say, 'don't care'. It's that I know how to budget now... well sort of. It's that I know how to prioritise work over the pub... sometimes. I even know how to communicate with estate agents who are incredibly dreary and frustrating to deal with without hanging up and deciding to purchase a cardboard box and a sleeping bag.

It's been great and I am eternally grateful to the university for accepting me after I received dreadful, and I mean dreadful, A Levels. However, I feel that I am ready to finish that thing called uni and actually get a career and get on with life.

I'll probably regret this post in a years time but I think most students in their third year will agree that we're ready for THAT next step and ready to say goodbye to the best three years we've ever had.

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