Wednesday, 29 July 2015

So far so good!- Novel update #2

With chapter three having been just sent off for reading and re-drafting, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on how the whole process is going now we have gotten through the first few chapters.

The baby steps have now been taken and we are finally beginning to jog. 

That is probably the best way I can describe it without trying to sound annoyingly articulate and cliche. Myself and the individual who I am writing for, his name being Ross for future reference, have gotten a bit of rhythm now. We seem to have found a good middle ground on how we are going to go about writing this novel and set ourselves a little plan.

Every two weeks I send him a chapter for which he would have given me a plan for. He then reads over it, highlights bits he likes and dislikes and tells me what he wants changing, sometimes this is over email or text, sometimes it is over the phone. We then niggle away at the finer details of the chapter until we both are happy with it. Then the whole process happens again.

I have to admit that when it came to chapter one I had a level of pessimism about it, a pessimism I was then told was not needed. It wasn't so much I thought Ross was going to rip me apart with criticism but more if I was actually able to write something of a decent quality consistently over a few thousand words. Hearing that I could was a massive lift and meant going into chapter two I had a higher level confidence than I did before.

The feedback from chapter two was again very good. He said that 'out of all you have done so far, I am happy with 97% of it, the rest are just little things on my part'. Now for the more irritating few out there, 97% could be deemed as a 3% loss, these being the type who get an A in a GCSE and cry about not getting an A*. I was the type however who was quite happy with a B which meant on hearing this news it left me feeling ecstatic. Mainly because it meant I wasn't crap but also that I had given Ross what he wanted, a man who has put a lot of faith and time into me.

Now that chapter three has been completed, the longest and toughest one yet with it standing at over 5000 words, I await the feedback with an element of excitement, looking forward to seeing how it can be improved. Furthermore, I am even beginning to think that this novel is starting to take shape and look like a real project.

So as I await his reply on my work I feel happy with the progress so far and truly feel like a writer with his work going in the right direction. 97% right in my case.

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